Why was Medusa angry with Annabeth?

Why was Medusa angry with Annabeth?

On the other hand, Medusa harbors a strong hatred against the family of Athena. Athena turned her into the fearsome monster she is. Medusa wants to turn Annabeth into a statue and destroy her, because she is a daughter of Athena. This way, she hopes to take revenge on Athena.

What did Percy Jackson do with Medusa’s head?

Percy Jackson cuts Medusa’s head off while she is distracted. At Annabeth’s suggestion, they take it with them in case it could be used as a weapon. It is wrapped in Grover Underwood’s hoodie.

What does Percy learn about Medusa from Annabeth?

Percy doesn’t see the harm in that, but Annabeth and Grover realize that Aunty Em is Medusa. Medusa has snakes for hair, and if you look at her, you will turn to stone. They warn Percy just in time.

Is Percy Annabeth’s uncle?

percy and annabeth aren’t genetically connected at all, and so they are not cousins. They are 1st cousins once removed, but it has no effect on their dna. They are still technically cousins, but their relationship is not incestuous.

Did Medusa have a lover?

Medusa was the only one of the three who was not immortal. Medusa was said to have once been a lover of Poseidon. According to Ovid, this is what first got her into trouble: when Medusa slept with Poseidon in a temple of Athena, Athena turned her hair into snakes as a punishment.

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Why did Athena punish Medusa and not Poseidon?

Poseidon was a god, and Athena was a goddess. She was not powerful enough to punish Poseidon. He is a elder god, which makes him second only to Zeus.

Who was the ugliest god?

Hephaestus. Hephaestus is the son of Zeus and Hera. Sometimes it is said that Hera alone produced him and that he has no father. He is the only god to be physically ugly.

How did Athena give birth to Annabeth?

Birth. Frederick Chase met Athena, the goddess of wisdom, battle, and handicrafts, while he was studying History at Harvard. She helped him get through his studies; consequently, they fell in love. Shortly after, in a undisclosed year on July 12, Athena sent him their daughter, a girl named Annabeth, as a gift.

Does Percy have a sister?

Estelle Blofis is the daughter of Paul Blofis and Sally Jackson, and is the younger half-sister of Percy Jackson.

Does Annabeth cheat on Percy?

When Annabeth cheats on Percy he is broken on the inside. He goes to Olympus and is comforted by the most unlikely, brokenhearted goddess.

Who is immune to Medusa?

In Clash of the Titans Wikia it states, When Medusa passes he [Sheikh Sulieman] uses his scyth to try to behead her. Medusa wraps him up in her tail and tries to turn him into to stone but Sheikh only laughs, as he is immune to her power, since he is not human.

What was Annabeth going to tell Percy?

She was going to tell Percy that in Ancient Greece, throwing an apple at a girl was a marriage proposal!!!!

Why did Medusa get cursed?

Medusa and Poseidon engaged in a love affair and would have two children together, but not before Athena discovered the illicit affair. When Athena discovered the affair, she was enraged and immediately cursed Medusa by taking away her beauty.

How does Percy feel about Auntie Em?

Percy thinks that Auntie Em is a kind woman. Percy thinks that Auntie Em is going to harm them.

Who is Medusa’s mom?

Gaia is sometimes said to be the mother of Medusa; other sources cite the early sea deities Phorcys and Ceto as the parents of the trio of Gorgons. It is generally believed that she was born at sea. The Greek poet Hesiod wrote that Medusa lived close to the Hesperides in the Western Ocean near Sarpedon.

Is Medusa still alive?

Medusa was beheaded by the Greek hero Perseus, who then used her head, which retained its ability to turn onlookers to stone, as a weapon until he gave it to the goddess Athena to place on her shield. In classical antiquity, the image of the head of Medusa appeared in the evil-averting device known as the Gorgoneion.

Did Percy throw an apple at Annabeth?

Did you know that technically Percy proposed to annabeth at 12yo? Cause they were playing hackysack with grover’s APPLE in The Lightning Thief, in ancient Greece throwing a apple at a girl means you are proposing! And annabeth actually gave us the name to ship Percy and Annabeth, SEAWEED=Percy BRAIN=Annabeth.

In what book does Percy Jackson marry Annabeth Chase?

Percy and Annabeth: Wedding In The Stars.

Is Percy Jackson mentioned in The Lost Hero?

The Lost Hero is the only Heroes of Olympus book that Percy Jackson does not appear in, although there are several references to him.

Who is Athena’s love interest?

In Greek mythology, the goddess Athena is immune to romantic love, so there is no particular lover for her. The goddess of love, Aphrodite, has power… See full answer below.

What does Hera look like in Percy Jackson?

In Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes, Hera appeared before Psyche in a glowing white gown, a cloak of peacock feathers over her shoulders, and a staff topped with a lotus flower. When she transformed back into her true shape before Jason, Hera wore a gold crown, a flowing white dress, and a belt of peacock feathers.

Does Athena care about Annabeth?

Athena considers Annabeth Chase her greatest pride and joy. She deeply trusts her daughter, to the point they make strategies together in times of crisis. Since her daughter’s loyalty for Percy is unwavering, she reluctantly accepted their love relationship together.

Who is the god of poop?

Sterculius is the god in question. He’s Roman, not Greek. And “feces” is kind of stretching a point. He was the god, actually, of manure.

Who is the god of stupidity?

In Greek mythology, Koalemos (Ancient Greek: Κοάλεμος) was the god of stupidity, mentioned once by Aristophanes, and being found also in Parallel Lives by Plutarch. Coalemus is the Latin spelling of the name. Sometimes it is referred to as a dæmon, more of a spirit and minor deity.

Why is Athena a virgin?

Althought Athena is a virgin goddess, she mothered the god Erichthonios by Hephaestus. According to myth, she went to Hephaestus wanting some weapons forged. When Hephaestus tried to rape her, she protected her virginity and he ejaculated on her leg.