Who is he in the above extract?

Who is he in the above extract?

Answer: (a) ‘He’ in the above extract is Griffin, the invisible scientist. (b) ‘He’ was suspected for having a role in the burglary at the clergyman’s home. (c) The phrase is ‘ready cash’.

Who is the he in the extract?

“He” referred to in the extract is Saint Peter.

Who is he in the above extract refers to?

Answer: The word ‘he’ in the above extract refers to the lawyer.

Who is he in the given extract the lost child?

The child’s throat tore into a thousand shrill sobs and he only shouted, “I want my mother, I want my father!” (a) Who is ‘he’ in the first line of the extract? Whom is ‘he’ offering a ride on the horse? Ans: ‘He’ is the kind man who rescues the child from getting trampled in the shrine.

Who is the stranger referred to in the above extract?

Answer: Strangers referred to in the extract are the traders and businessmen from other countries doing business in Venice. Here, specific reference is to Shylock, a Jew, a foreigner. They do trade and business in Venice.

Indigo class 12 extract based questions

Who is he in the above extract a the invisible scientist B the boy?

Answer: (a) They in the above extract are two boys on a street in London. (b) The scientist Griffin, who has become invisible, is making these footprints.

What does the extract reveal about Griffin?

Answer: Griffin was a brilliant scientist, as he discovered a drug due to which his body became transparent as a sheet of glass after swallowing it. This made him invisible. But he was a lawless person.

Who is him in the above extract Class 9?

1. Who referred as ‘he’ in above extract? Answer: The child is referred as ‘he’ in above letter.

Who is referred to as a youngster in the above extract?

(i) Who is referred as ‘youngster’ in the above extract? Show Answer. Answer: Einstein.

Where did the child get lost?

The child was lost at a roundabout. There was a thick crowd of men women and children who were enjoying the roundabout. The child could not suppress his desire. He also entered the crowd and went forward.

Who is she in the above extract?

(a) Who is ‘she’ in this extract? ‘Ans: She’ is Kezia, the little girl who was afraid of her father.

Who are I and him in the above extract the hack driver?

Ans. (a) I refer to the young lawyer and he stands for the hack driver. (b) The lawyer told Bill that he wanted to serve the summons to Lukens. (c) The narrator loved him because he was very open-minded, friendly and ready to help a stranger.

Who is he referred in the poem?

Answer: he refers to the poet here in this poem ……

Who is referred as he ‘?

The old man is referred as He in the given extract.

Which word in the extract means the same as hold back the lost child?

c) Which word in the extract means the same as ‘hold back’? d) ‘cold stare’ in the extract means – From- The Lost Child.

What is telebook?

A telebook is a book that can be displayed on a screen for educating or entertaining people.

Why was the child running in all directions?

Answer: His anxiety and insecurity have been described through his reaction to his realisation that he was lost. Tears rolled down his cheeks, his throat became dry, his face flushed and convulsed with fear and he ran in all directions in panic without knowing where to go.

Who was Griffin *?

Griffin was a scientist who carried out experiments that made the human body invisible. Griffin discovered a drug that could make his body transparent as a sheet of glass. He swallowed it and became invisible.

Who was Mrs Hall?

Character Sketch of Mrs Hall: “Janny” Hall, better known as Mrs Hall, is the owner of the “Coach and Horses” inn at Iping in Sussex. Mrs. Hall is a very friendly, down-to-earth woman who enjoys socialising with her guests, This she had proved by asking for the stranger’s coat to let it dry in the kitchen.

Who was Griffin Class 10?

Solution : Griffin was a brilliant scientist. He had invented a thing by which he could make himself invisible. But he was a lawless scientist. “He was a selfish and short-tempered person.

What kind of man was Jaffers?

He is a man of courage, supremacy and extreme model of a dutiful man. When he is sent by Magistrate Shuckleforth to capture Griffin, he exhibits his loyalty and tries his level best to get a grip on the man.

How did he become invisible?

Solution : Griffin was a brilliant scientist. He had carried out several experiments to prove that the human body could become invisible. At last he swallowed certain rare drugs and his body became as transparent as a sheet of glass.

What happened to the constable?

He tried to get hold of a man who was becoming more and more invisible as he threw off one garment after another. When Griffin had taken off all his clothes, the constable found himself struggling with someone he could not see at all. The constable was knocked unconscious in the end.

Who is the I in the poem?

1. Who is I in the poem? Ans. “I” is the poet, a small child, in the poem.

Who does he refer to in the first line class 9?

Answer: “He” refers to Saint Peter in the first line.