Which is best ID in Free Fire?

Which is best ID in Free Fire?

LAL Gaming is probably the highest-level ID, i.e., 96, on the Free Fire Indian server. His UID is 281249226, and he has received over 58K likes on his profile. He has been involved in 27549 squad matches, with 6330 victories and 68439 frags.

Which Free Fire ID has highest level?

ID 1694335650 – This ID holder of Free Fire game is at level 100 of Free Fire game. There is only one account that has reached this level. There is a huge gap between this player of 100 level and other players. For players who have not yet crossed level 80, it is impossible to cross level 100.

Who is the No 1 player in Free Fire ID?

TSH Jash

TSJ Jash is one of the leading 1% of Free Fire players worldwide, with high scores in nearly every play mode. TSG Jash, with his amazing game expertise, takes the top place. Jash is the founder of the well-known gaming club Two-Side Gamers.

Which is the id of Free Fire?

Users would have to follow the steps below to find their Free Fire ID: Step 1: Open the game and press the profile banner located on the top-left corner of the main menu. Step 2: The profile of the user will open up. Step 3: The user will find the ID below their username.

What is AJJU Bhai Free Fire ID?

Ajjubhai’s Free Fire ID, guild, rank, and more details

Ajjubhai’s Free Fire ID is 451012596, and he is a member of the TG MAFIA guild, whose ID number is 60920276.


What is the ID of B2K?

B2K’s (Born2Kill) Free Fire ID and stats

B2K’s Free Fire ID is 320653047. He is also the leader of the guild, IM-50-MEMBER.

Who is God of Free Fire?

OP Vincenzo is a skilled player, and he is said to be the God player of the Garena Free Fire game because of his skills and rank. He has a YouTube channel known as VINCENZO. OP uploaded around 437 videos and has 6.6 million subscribers.

Who is fastest ff player in world?

RAISTAR. Image: YouTube. RAISTAR, who also hails from India, is arguably the fastest player in Free Fire. Some people even think that he is a hacker because of his incredible speed.

What is the level of Ajjubhai in Free Fire?

Ranked stats

In the current ranked season, Ajjubhai has played 187 squad games and has bagged 34 wins, making his win rate 18.18%. He also secured 524 kills in this mode, maintaining a K/D ratio of 3.42.

Who has Level 100 Free Fire?

@BH WAMF. He is the first player in Free Fire to reach level 100. In the year 2022, this id reached level 100, making him the world’s first highest level player. He is from Brazil and used to be a competitor of @INFABETUS.

Who is king of Free Fire?

His real name is Ravinchandra Vigneshwar, and he is from Tamil Nadu. His Free Fire ID is 287597612. Ravichandra Vigneshwar played 16778 Squad games and won 3386 games.

Who is the Free Fire pro?

1) LAL Gaming

He has been involved in 27549 squad matches, with 6330 victories and 68439 frags. The gamer has maintained a K/D ratio of 3.23 and a high headshot rate of 22.79%.

Who is Raistar photo?

Raistar is one such well-known content creator in the Indian Free Fire community for his gameplay videos and highlights. The game began streaming in 2017 and has since amassed over 4.49 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Raistar started creating Free Fire content on YouTube in late 2019.

Who is the Queen of Free Fire?

Sooneetha Thapa Magar is the queen of free fire in the world. she is also a eminent female content creator and a youtuber. she has 4 million subscribers.

Who is op Vincenzo?

OP Vincenzo is an acclaimed gaming content creator who makes videos related to Garena Free Fire. The player from the Middle East is on the way to six million subscribers and currently boasts a count of 5.95 million. In the last 30 days, he has gained 170 thousand subscribers and 10.75 million views.

Who is richest noob in Free Fire?

His real name is Lokesh Raj Singh. Besides “the richest noob in Free Fire,” Lokesh is also known as Raj and “The Diamond King.” He was born and raised in Hyderabad, Telangana, India, where he resides to this day. Lokesh is approximately 175cm tall with a weight of around 56kg.

Who is Sniper King in Free Fire?

The Arctic Warfare Magnum, popularly known as AWM, is the king of sniper rifles in Free Fire.

Who is Raistar real name?

Raistar’s real name is Akshay. Raistar aka Akshay lives in Kerala State in India. Raistar, He is 18 Year Old. From his age, we can estimate that Raistar would be a student of 11-12th.

What is the income of FF?

By November 2019, Free Fire had grossed over $1 billion worldwide. It went on to become the fourth highest-grossing video game of 2020 with $2.13 billion, and then the eighth highest-grossing mobile game of 2021 with $1.2 billion, for a total of at least $4.33 billion grossed as of 2021.

Where is AJJU Bhai House?

Q-What is the age of Ajjubhai? A-23 Years. Q-Where is Ajju Bhai’s house? A-Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Who is Ankush FF?

Ankush FF lives in India. Ankush has lots of followers on instagram. He is one of the popular free fire player in India. Ankush FF, He is a Gamer, Streamer, and Owner of Ankush FF YouTube Channel.

What is the ID of SK Sabir boss in Free Fire?

SK Sabir Boss’ ID number in Free Fire, guild, and other details. SK Sabir Boss’ Free Fire ID is 55479535. He is a member of the well-known BOSS guild, whose ID is 60015463.

What is the id of badge 99?

Badge 99’s Free Fire ID is 317768081.

Who is the Free Fire noob player?

Friends, every player who starts playing the free fire game new is called Noob player , because that player does not know much about the game and that player plays less games than others, so that player’s game play.