What is sin30 value?

What is sin30 value?

The value of sin 30 degrees is 0.5. Sin 30 is also written as sin π/6, in radians.

Is sin30 positive or negative?

We can therefore conclude that the sin of 30 degrees is positive. 30 degrees is actually one of our special angles. And we know that the sin of 30 degrees is one-half. This confirms the correct answer of positive.

Does sin30 equal sin 150?

The value of sin 30 degrees and sin 150 degrees are equal. Both are equal because the reference angle for 150 is equal to 30 for the triangle formed in the unit circle. The reference angle is formed when the perpendicular is dropped from the unit circle to the x-axis, which forms a right triangle.

What is the value of 2 sin30?

= √3/2 .

What does tan 45 mean?

The value of tan 45° is 1.

sin 30° = 1/2 (Why & How?) || Trigonometry

What tangent of 45 is equal to?

Answer. ok, the tangent of 45 degrees is equal to one because of the sides of a triangle, namely a right isosceles triangle. Now, a right isosceles triangle has the angles 90, 45 and 45 degrees.

What is the exact value of sin230 ∘ − cos230?

Hence, the answer is −21.

What is the exact value of 2sin 30 cos 30?

Hence, the answer is sin60°.

What is the value of sin 30 degree if Cos 30 degree equals root 3 by 2?

sin 30=1/2.

How do you find sin 150?

The value of sin 150 degrees is 0.5.

We can use trigonometric identities to represent sin 150° as,
  1. sin(180° – 150°) = sin 30°
  2. -sin(180° + 150°) = -sin 330°
  3. cos(90° – 150°) = cos(-60°)
  4. -cos(90° + 150°) = -cos 240°

Is 30 degrees the same as 150 degrees?

1 Expert Answer

30 degrees is 60 less than 90. 150 is 60 greater than 90. 30 and 150 are opposite sides of the hill, at the same distance down from the top.

What angles are sin the same?

Solution: In order for the sine and cosine to be equal, the angles must be complementary. cos (15º) = 0.97, find sin(75º) and the cos(75º). Solution: The sine of an angle and the cosine of its complement are equal.

What is sin90 value?

What is the exact value of sin 90 degrees? The exact value of sin 90 degrees is equal to 1.

What is sin60 value?

Therefore, the exact value of sin 60 degrees is √3/2.

What cos2 45?

And we know, the value of cos 45° is 1/√2 (also the value for sin 45°). However, we wanna find out the value of cos^2 45° so, just square up the value of cos 45° i.e., (1/√2)^2= (1)^2/ (√2)^2, Now, squaring 1 gives us one.

What cos2 30?

The value of cos^2(30) is 3/4.

What is the value of sin2 45?

The exact value of Sin 45 degree in decimal form is 0.7071067812.

What is the value of tan Square 45?

Value of tan^2 45° is 1.

What is the value of tan90?

The exact value of tan 90 is infinity or undefined.

What is tan 45 as a fraction?

Trigonometry Examples

The exact value of tan(45°) tan ( 45 ° ) is 1 .

Why does sin have 2 values?

Its because the sine function is a many-to-one function meaning that different angles have the same value for sine (x and 180-x always have the same value of sine) so any value of x that has a sine value of 2/3 that falls into the range 0-180 is a possible answer.

What is a sin in math?

In trigonometry, the sine function can be defined as the ratio of the length of the opposite side to that of the hypotenuse in a right-angled triangle. The sine function is used to find the unknown angle or sides of a right triangle.