What did Mrs Hall want to know from the visitor?

What did Mrs Hall want to know from the visitor?

In anger, Mrs. Halls wanted to know what he had been doing to her chair upstairs, and how he entered the empty room again. This made the stranger so frustrated that he revealed himself to the people at the Inn.

Why did Mr Hall see the visitor?

1. it it is very difficult to to have a guest in winter time as it is covered by snow. 2. she she was also happy to see the stranger as he was haggler.

Why was Mrs Hall shocked to see the visitor?

Mrs. Hall was shocked to see the stranger because his overcoat and hat were taken off which he insisted to do before and are kept for drying on a chair in front of the fire.

What was Mrs Hall’s impression of her guest?

Question 1: What was Mrs Hall’s first impression of the stranger? Answer: Mrs Hall thought that she had never seen such a strange looking man, as he was wrapped from head to foot and the brim of his hat hid every centimetre of his face except for his eyes which were covered with smoked glasses.

What was the visitor angry?

Ausable had asked the management to block off the balcony owing to the security issues. His room had been intruded twice last month. But, they didn’t do anything. So, he became angry with them.

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Why did Mrs Hall refuse to get visitor any food?

She is angry with the mess he is making and she thinks there is something very odd about him. In anger, Mrs. Halls wanted to know what he had been doing to her chair upstairs, and how he entered the empty room again. This made the stranger so frustrated that he revealed himself to the people at the Inn.

What did Ausable complain about?

Ausable was disturbed with his room’s balcony window. He complained of strangers entering through the window into his rooms. Ausable confused Max by framing a story about a balcony under his window. hope answer is helpful.

Why was Mrs Hall happy when the stranger appeared at her guest house?

Answer: Mrs Hall felt really happy to have a guest inn as there were not many guests staying at the Inn at that time of the season. As the stranger paid all his bills punctually and also paid in advance for his room. It made Mrs Hall quite happy.

What does Mrs Hall think of the stranger covering his face?

Mrs. Hall reacts to the stranger in The Invisible Man in a mixed way. She is very pleased to get a paying guest in the winter months, so she tries her best to make him comfortable. However, his bandaged face and head, thick goggles, and sometimes rude and mysterious behaviors unsettle her.

What type of lady was Mrs Hall discuss?

Mrs. Hall is a very friendly, down-to-earth woman who enjoys socialising with her guests, This she had proved by asking for the stranger’s coat to let it dry in the kitchen. She tried to get into conversation with her visitor and narrated her nephew’s injury by a knife. Mrs.

Why did Mrs Hall consider it good fortune to have the stranger at the inn?

I THINK because It was a stormy night and getting someone to live in the inn could be unexpected. Secondly, Griffin (The stranger) paid her 3 sovereigns.

How did Mrs Hall try to draw the stranger into a conversation?

when he asked about bringing his luggage from bramblehurst station Mrs hall tried developing the conversation , putting in anecdotes in between answers to his questions. however, The Stranger put a stop to that by rudely sending her on an errand to get him matches.

What information did Henfrey share with Mr Hall?

Question 8: What information did Henfrey share with Mr. Hall? Answer: On his way through the village, Henfrey met Mr. Hall and told him that there was a weird guy staying at his place.

What did Mrs Hall think about the stranger?

Answer. Mrs Hall thought that the invisible man must have met with an accident… thats y having so much of bandages…

What did Mrs Hall and others think about the stranger?

Mrs. Hall was very protective about the stranger initially. She always defended his strangeness. However, certain things happened that changed her attitude to the stranger.

Why did Mrs Hall go to prepare the meal for the stranger herself?

Mrs hall showed her gratitude for her good fortune by lighting a fire and leaving the stranger comfortable by the fireside while she went to prepare him a meal with her own hands to show her worthy of good fortune she was trying to talk to stranger again and again but stranger was snubbing her….

How did Mrs Hall take care of the stranger?

Mrs. Hall agreed to take the stranger as a guest in her inn, Coach and horses because she wanted to earn money. She was an astute business woman; February month was lean month in terms of business; the arrival of stranger at Coach and Horses meant business and earning.

What did Mr and Mrs Hall experience when they entered the room of the stranger?

Mr and Mrs. Hall were surprised to see the most extraordinary thing happen when they opened the door to the stranger’s room. The bed-clothes gathered themselves together, leapt up suddenly into a sort of peak and then jumped headlong over the bottom rail. … The door slammed violently and was locked from inside.

Why was Mrs Hall happy to have a guest at Coach and Horses Inn How did the stranger behave at the inn?

Answer: Mrs hall was happy to have a guest in her inn because as it was a very cold temperature so no one would come and the stranger also gave her a good amount of money. the strange behaved very rude and did not allow anyone to come to his room.

Who is Fowler?

Fowler was a writer who had come to meet Ausable. He expected that he would encounter a romantic adventure. His first authentic thrill of the day came when he saw a man in Ausable’s room pointing a pistol towards Ausable and himself.

Who was Ausable Class 10?

Answer: Ausable was a secret agent. He was living in a French hotel. His room was on the sixth and top floor of the hotel. One evening a young writer named Fowler came to meet him.

Who was Max Class 10?

2. Max: Max is a secret agent and a rival and enemy of Ausable. He is slender, a little less than tall. He appears crafty and has a countenance of a fox.

Why was Mrs Hall frightened?

Answer. Answer: Mrs Hall was scared out of her wits because she wasn’t expecting the furniture in her house dancing, also the bed clothes gathered and turned into a heap and jumped over one side. It seemed that someone had collected and threw them.

Why did Mrs Hall want to be friendly with Griffin?

Hall wanted to know the true story of the stranger but Griffin cut her down every time. However, in order to satisfy her curiosity, she left no stone unturned to be friendly with Griffin, hoping that he would tell her something.

How did the mysterious visitor escape from the coaches and horses?

The Mysterious visitor escape from the coaches and horses by his power .