Should I pull for Kamisato Ayato?

Should I pull for Kamisato Ayato?

Kamisato Ayaka

If you are, you should definitely consider wishing for Ayaka. However, if you are a fan of Ganyu over Ayaka, you should wait for another Ganyu rerun instead.

Is Kamisato Ayato worth pulling for?

Kamisato Ayato Has Good Constellations

For Travelers who have some extra Primogems, pulling for copies of Kamisato Ayato isn’t a very bad idea. His C1 is a bit conditional, but his C2 is worth aiming for.

Is Kamisato Ayato good Genshin?

Kamisato Ayato is a powerful DPS character that can either be played as a Main DPS or a Sub DPS or even both, with a few tweaks here and there. Like most DPS-focused characters, he will have ATK% Sands, Hydro DMG Bonus Goblet, and a Crit Rate / Damage Circlet.

Is Ayato a good support for Ayaka?

This means if someone is using Ayaka as their main damage dealer, Ayato can act as a supporter and allow someone to take full advantage of her special abilities.

Should I get Ayaka or Ayato?

Turns out being the younger of the two siblings gave Ayaka an advantage. Her in-game talents are more generous and more creative compared to Ayato. Ayaka’s main advantage when it comes to talents is that her dodge/evade or sprint is a Cryo version of Mona’s, making her one of the best characters for exploration.

Is He Worth Your Primogems? The Good and the Bad: C0 Ayato Full Gameplay Review – Genshin Impact

Is Ayaka or Ayato stronger?

Ayaka has more DPS, whereas Ayato works better as a sub-DPS or even support :D. That being said, Ayato is sub-par as a Hydro applier (his E only applies Hydro every three hits, which is super low), so if you wanna pull for him for that,, i recommend,, not doing so.

Is Ayato a DPS or support?

Ayato can work either as a Main DPS or Support. He is a very flexible unit because of the hydro element and he can fit really well in various team comps such as Vape, Permafreeze, and Taser comps.

Is Ayaka a must pull?

With that said, if you are in dire need of a Cryo DPS, we highly recommend that you pull for Ayaka, as she will, without a shadow of a doubt take your team to new rights, thanks to both her playstyle and her ability to work extremely well with the game’s farmable 4-star Sword Amenoma Kageuchi, which can be considered …

Is Ayato good with Ganyu?

1 Ayato – Ganyu or Ayaka – Venti – C2 Diona

Ayato is a great addition to the Morgana team composition in Genshin Impact. His Elemental Burst is very similar to Ganyu’s, making their Hydro/Cryo rain spam work with a superb synergy.

Which is better Ayato or Childe?

Childe is very good in abyss floors with the right team but mentally taxing to use in overworld. On the other hand, Ayato is going to be one of the most comfortable character to use in the overworld and story battles.

Who works best with Ayato?

1) Pure Hydro Team – Ayato Kazuha Yunjin Zhongli

The first team is a pure Hydro team where Ayato does all the damage while maximized by teammates’ artifacts and Yun Jin’s attack speed buff. For the support lineup, Kazuha with Viridescent Venerer artifacts can lower the enemies’ Hydro resistance.

Is Ayato broken Genshin?

Genshin Impact streamer Tectone has finally managed to unlock Ayato in the 2.6 update. Here’s what he had to say about the new 5-star Hydro character.

Is yelan better than Ayaka?

While having both Ganyu and Ayaka opens up more options, as someone with both I would say that XQ is so highly desired in comps that Yelan will be a better choice for you. Go for Ayaka. If you lose 50/50, she didn’t want you so go get Yelan instead. If you already have Ganyu, then Ayaka is optional.

What stats should I build for Ayato?

Ayato’s stat priority is Critical Rate and Critical Damage, ATK%, then finally HP%. As with any DPS character, Ayato should be looking to get plenty of Critical Rate, Critical Damage, and ATK% into his build.

What weapon is good for Ayato?

1 The Mistsplitter Reforged – Five Star

Arguably the best sword for Ayato, the Mistsplitter Reforged can be found in Weapon Event Wishes. The Base Attack increase runs from 48 to 674, depending on his level, and the substat of Crit damage will increase between 9.6 and 44.1 percent.

What sword is good for Ayato?

The Black Sword is one of the best choices for Kamisato Ayato in Genshin Impact, as it increases his Normal Attack and Charged Attack damage by a significant amount. The weapon also grants additional healing.

Is Ayaka a 5 star?

Ayaka is a 5-Star Cryo Sword character in Genshin Impact.

Is Ayato good for abyss?

Coming from a meta perspective, it’s safe to say that Ayato is a strong character. He’s well equipped to tackle the Spiral Abyss, and his teams are both strong and fun to play. If you enjoy his playstyle, you should have no regrets pulling for this character.

Is Ayaka good Genshin Impact?

The best Genshin Impact Ayaka build will freeze your foes. Ice to meet you. Many tough characters have stepped onto the stage since Ayaka first arrived back in Genshin Impact 2.0, but she still manages to be one of the best Cryo characters in the game.

Is Ayato strong?

Ayato can also deal significant amounts of damage when built properly, as his abilities scale well with his HP. When built using his signature weapon, or the Primordial Jade Cutter, he can easily defeat groups of foes with his strong AoE Hydro infusion.

Is Yae Miko good?

Yae Miko is an excellent sub-DPS for your team.

Her Elemental Skill allows her to place three Sesshou Sakura, each one striking nearby opponents five times. The initial level for an individual Sesshou Sakura is 1.

How old is Kaeya from Genshin?

Captain Kaeya’s age in Genshin Impact

That aside, it is also known that the youngest person to join the Knights was a 15-year-old warrior. Given the kind of a warrior Kaeya is, there’s a high chance that he’s the 15-year-old warrior who joined the Knights in Genshin Impact. This would put Kaeya’s age at 25 years.

Is energy recharge good for Ayato?

Energy Recharge is an important stat for all characters in Genshin Impact, enabling you to use their Bursts smoothly and frequently. This is no less true for Ayato, who has an incredibly potent Burst, but Ayato can get away with less Energy Recharge than many of his counterparts.

Is Childe still good Genshin?

Childe is one of the best main DPS characters in the game due to his ability to switch between ranged and melee stances. Use him in a team with Genshin Impact’s Qiqi as support for some decent heals and an easily triggered frozen reaction.

Who is Childe Genshin impact?

Tartaglia, also known by his alias “Childe”, is a playable Hydro character in Genshin Impact. He is the Eleventh of the Fatui Harbingers. Following danger wherever he goes, Childe is always eager for a challenge, making him extremely dangerous despite being the youngest member.