Is Zeno stronger than Super Shenron?

Is Zeno stronger than Super Shenron?

It is possible that Super Shenron is as strong as Zeno, however, it seems unlikely. There is a rule about Dragon Balls that you cannot make a wish to a dragon that exceeds it’s power.

Can Zeno erase Super shenron?

Super Shenron was, however, the only known being capable of bringing back beings erased by Zeno, as he effortlessly restored all the erased universes, indicating his power probably doesn’t fall too far behind Zeno’s.

Is Super Dragon Ball dragon stronger than Zeno?

They’re likely equals. Just as there’s the gods of destruction and the god of creation for every universe it stands to reason that zeno and super shenron are the same. Zeno is he who is able to destroy anything, not just destroy but wipe any semblance of their hopes and dreams away like he did with zamasu.

Is Super shenron equal to Zeno?

super shenron is inferior to zeno sama. As zeno sama himself can not only destroy him but also obliterate number of universe. Also, he can create and since the creators of super dragon balls are unknown, information is unknown. As it is known to everyone that dragon balls power are limited to that of their creators.

Is Goku stronger than super shenron?

Daimao Piccolo killed Shenron with a single blast. Goku was much stronger than him by the time Z started. In addition, none of the Eternal Dragons can grant a wish with more power than their creator.

The One Beyond The Omni King

What is Zeno true form?

When using his true power, Zeno can achieve true omnipotence. Omnipotence: As the Omni-King of the 1st Multiverse, Zeno has the ability to be almighty in every sense and aspect. Zeno can achieve and do absolutely anything without any limit or condition as he is one of the most powerful Gods.

How old is Zeno?

7 Zeno (Over 8.5 Million Years)

Can Zeno erase Angels?

Despite their subservient nature to the Gods of Destruction and Supreme Kais, they hold a designation above that of the gods, as Zeno spared the Angels from being erased in the Tournament of Power. Despite their power, they are bound by laws that prevent them from directly fighting threats such as Moro.

Is Grand priest stronger than Zeno?

This means that in terms of a fight, the Grand Minister would likely crush Zeno with ease, however, this one move renders all power, strength, and fighting ability completely irrelevant.

Who can beat Zeno?

10 anime characters who could successfully take on Zeno
  • Tenchi Masaki talking to his Godly form (Image via AIC)
  • Truth grinning (Image via Viz Media)
  • Lain Iwakura (Image via Triangle Staff)
  • Hajun (Image via Funimation)
  • Featherine Augustus Aurora (Image via Studio Dean)

Is Super Shenron scared of Beerus?

Shenron is often nervous around Beerus, trying to be overly respectful. When the eternal dragon is summoned by Goku on the Princess Bulma, he instantly becomes nervous when he sees Beerus there.

Can Super Shenron be killed?

Super Shenron is the second Shenron to be killed by a villain, the first being the Shenron of Earth. He is also the second Shenron killed to be revived, but the only Shenron to be killed by the destruction of his Dragon Balls.

Can the Super Dragon Balls wish away Zeno?

If they actually have no limits then yes. However, it’s possible that they have some upper limit on what they can or can’t do.

Can you wish to be stronger than Zeno?

killing and erasing from existence are completely different things. It is possible that Super Shenron is as strong as Zeno, however, it seems unlikely. There is a rule about Dragon Balls that you cannot make a wish to a dragon that exceeds it’s power.

Can Zeno create universe?

After destroying Zamasu and the entire multiverse in the future, Zeno was unable to create a new reality and simply existed in limbo until Goku brought him back to the present.

Is Grand priest stronger than Super Shenron?

Super Shenron is more powerful than the Grand Priest.

What is Zeno’s weakness?

Zeno’s weakness is, and will always be, his naiveness. Zeno didn’t even know what Zamasu was doing until Goku summoned him to Earth. Zamasu totally had the potential to rivalry the Omni-king himself. His power was endless, made even stronger by the fact he fused with the Universe itself.

Who is more powerful than the Omni King?

Grand Zeno

According to Whis, Zeno reigns over the Dragon Ball Multiverse as its Omni King and had erased six entire universes when he found himself in “an unpleasant mood.” Prior this unseen event, there had been eighteen universes within the Multiverse, now, only twelve remain.

Who is above Grand Zeno?

Is there a God above Zeno? (and 9 more unanswered questions about Dragon Ball’s Omni-King) Dragon Ball Super introduced the Gods of Destruction, their Angels, and the one who rules above them all, Zeno.

Who is the 2nd strongest Angel in Dragon Ball Super?

Dragon Ball: Every God Ranked, Weakest To Strongest
  1. 1 ZEN-OH. Zen-Oh is, without a doubt, the most powerful and highest ranking being in the universe.
  2. 2 THE DRAGONS. This one is a bit of a curveball, but hear us out. …
  3. 3 GREAT PRIEST. …
  4. 4 VADOS. …
  5. 5 WHIS. …
  8. 8 BEERUS. …

Who was the Omni King before Zeno?

Before Zeno, it was Beerus, but it was always clear that Goku was just a little bit away from catching up to Beerus.

Why don t the Angels bow to Zeno?

While something like Rummshi’s Battle Roar notably affects Supreme Kais and Gods of Destruction, it leaves Zeno and Future Zeno unaffected like nothing had happened. As a result, it’s no wonder everyone bows down to Zeno when they seem him, as it’s unlikely he can even be hurt.

Will Goku surpass the Omni King?

Ares the Greek God of War and God of Destruction of the 3rd multiverse stated that Goku is the Ultimate Omni-King in the 13 multiverses and his power surpasses all of the Gods and the Omni-Kings. Zeus who is the Omni-King of the 3rd multiverse said that he would be no match against him.

Is Zeno good or evil?

He’s the worst case scenario for a god. A being of supreme power, that has absolutely no regard for life in any form, and will completely remove you from existence for the most minor of reasons.