Is there ammonia in DEF fluid?

Is there ammonia in DEF fluid?

In automotive applications SCR delivers ammonia using a urea solution called Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). DEF is sprayed into the exhaust stream by an advanced injection system and then converted into ammonia on a catalyst.

Is there ammonia in DEF?

What exactly is Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)? From a strictly chemical disposition DEF is a mixture of 67.5% deionized water and 32.5% urea. Urea is a compound in Nitrogen that turns to ammonia when heated and is used in a variety of industries.

What is the main ingredient in DEF fluid?

What Is DEF Fluid Made of? Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) which is composed of 32.5 percent urea and 67.5 percent deionized water. For those who like trivia, urea is considered to be the first organic compound to be synthesized from inorganic chemicals.

What kind of urine is in DEF fluid?

DEF is made from deionized water and a very pure form of urea. Yes, urea is found in urine — quit giggling, please — but this is a refined form of the compound and is mostly used in the agricultural industry as a component of fertilizer.

Does DEF fluid have urine in it?

DEF is a mixture of (typically) 2/3 deionized water and 1/3 urea. It’s carefully regulated by the American Petroleum Institute. Technically, urea is derived from one of the byproducts of urine. But it’s synthetically made, so no cats are ever harmed in the production of the fluid.

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What happens if you pee in DEF tank?

Because of the other compounds found in urine, peeing in a DEF tank could ruin the filters and the whole SCR system if used too often. The systems also won’t be able to do their job of neutralizing carbon emissions from the diesel exhaust.

Where does the urea come from in DEF fluid?

The urea used in the manufacture of DEF is synthetically derived from ammonia and carbon dioxide, and urea production plants are often adjacent to other sites where ammonia is produced, such as coal and natural gas refineries.

What happens if you put diesel fuel in a DEF tank?

DEF and diesel should never be mixed. Although safeguards have been designed to keep the diesel fuel separate from the DEF, it still happens: DEF is accidently put into the diesel tank or diesel into the DEF tank. When it does, it’s more than just a little problem: It can lead to significant damage and costly repairs.

What is DEF made out of?

It’s called Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). This additive is also called aqueous urea solution 32% or AUS 32. It’s made from 32.5% urea and 67.5% de-ionized water.

Is DEF fluid toxic?

DEF, or diesel exhaust fluid, is a non-toxic solution made up of urea and de-ionized water.

What is the chemical compound of DEF?

DEF Product (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) – KOST USA. DEFendal™ Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a DEF product that is comprised of 2 major components; urea and Deionized water (DI). Urea is an organic compound with the chemical formula (NH2)2CO.

What is in blue DEF fluid?

BlueDEF® Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a mixture of high purity synthetic urea and deionized water that is used in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems in diesel vehicles. DEF is used to help convert NOx to harmless nitrogen and water.

Is DEF fluid made from pig urine?

Urea is an organic compound produced when a body metabolizes protein. (And yes, we expel it as urine.) But despite DEF earning the nickname “pig urine,” Diesel Exhaust Fluid is actually made of commercial-grade urea—synthetic ammonia and carbon.

Does diesel exhaust fluid have ammonia?

The chemical reactions used in SCR systems require a constant feed of ammonia gas. In automotive applications SCR delivers ammonia using a urea solution called Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). DEF is sprayed into the exhaust stream by an advanced injection system and then converted into ammonia on a catalyst.

What is urea DEF fluid?

What is Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)? Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is a non-hazardous solution, which is 32.5% urea and 67.5% de-ionized water. DEF is sprayed into the exhaust stream of diesel vehicles to break down dangerous NOx emissions into harmless nitrogen and water.

Are all DEF fluids the same?

Are All DEF Fluid Brands The Same? All DEF is not created equal. Any fluid claiming to be DEF must meet quality specifications set by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). First, DEF must have a urea concentration of 32.5%.

What is the shelf life of DEF fluid?

Because it doesn’t include any preservatives, DEF does come with a shelf life. The good news is, it’s a fairly long shelf life; DEF can usually be stored up to one year without any issues.

Why is DEF so expensive?

Because of its high content with urea, and the higher quality of urea it takes to manufacture DEF, the prices of urea most often drive the cost of DEF. According to Jobbers World, the price of urea reached $442 a ton in June, up from $380 a ton in May.

Is DEF bad for the environment?

While it’s good for the environment, the water and urea mixture can result in the formation of crystals that can plug up fuel filters, damage aircraft engines, and result in engine failure. DEF should never be used as an additive for any fuel, diesel or aircraft, and is sprayed directly into exhaust systems.

How do you clean a contaminated DEF tank?

There is no way to clean out the drum after the Diesel Exhaust Fluid has been contaminated without compromising the integrity of any remaining product. Drums are the easiest to get contaminated, simply because anyone can open and close them. Drums are one way systems, and should be thrown out after each use.

Why does DEF fluid crystallize?

DEF crystallizes when stored for prolonged periods as the water evaporates. Do not use DEF that shows signs of crystallization and always completely use a container to avoid storing opened containers. Refill DEF only when the level indicator reaches 1/2 or less.

What happens when you put blue def in diesel tank?

What Happens When You Put DEF in Your Fuel Tank? If you pour DEF into your fuel tank and realize your mistake immediately, your fuel system needs to be flushed, and there may be some part repairs or replacements required just from the fluid having been there.

Does DEF have cow urine in it?

Diesel exhaust fluid sold in stores and at semi-truck pumps at truck stops in the U.S. does not contain urea derived from cows, bats, or any other animal’s urine, and to be clear, diesel owners should under no circumstances urinate in their DEF tanks.

Is urine and urea the same?

Urea is the chief nitrogenous waste, which is eliminated through urine. Urea is produced in the liver from ammonia, which is a metabolite of amino acids and carbon dioxide. Urine is formed by the nephrons after filtration, secretion and reabsorption.

Is AdBlue a cow urine?

AdBlue® is a synthetic, highly purified solution of urea and demineralized water NOT pigs urine. Whilst the chemical urea is in pigs’ urine, it is found in much lower concentration alongside many other elements.