Is Medusa a lip piercing?

Is Medusa a lip piercing?

Located below the septum and right above the lip, the Medusa piercing is categorized as a lip piercing, but it actually appears above the lip itself. Many who choose this piercing pair it with other styles, like a vertical labret piercing

labret piercing
Centrally located slightly below the bottom lip, the labret piercing consists of a single puncture, swiftly perforated with a needle. This look can be adorned with a wide variety of jewelry styles from the fairly obvious labret stud to hoops and curved barbells. › pages › labret-piercing

, to create an alluring cluster of lip piercing jewelry.

Is a Medusa piercing a lip piercing?

A medusa piercing is located right above the cupid’s bow in the indented part of your upper lip. “While decorative terms for lip piercings (like Monroe, Madonna, Marilyn, and the Medusa piercing) sound cool and catchy, they are technically and professionally all just considered lip piercings,” notes Pearce.

What type of piercing is a medusa?

It’s a piercing that sits in the philtrum, also called the Cupid’s bow. It’s the little divot just above the lip. In the industry, this type of piercing is called a philtrum piercing.

Why is the lip piercing called medusa?

Well, the philtrum piercing, which is located in the “cupid’s bow” part of the middle of your upper lip, is also known as the Medusa Piercing. This piercing is named after one of the most infamous and gruesome Hollywood murder victims, Elizabeth Short, otherwise known as the Black Dahlia.

Is Medusa piercing a labret?

Like the Madonna and Medusa piercing, the jewelry worn is traditionally a labret stud. This piercing usually takes around 3 months to fully heal.

Is The Medusa (Philtrum) Piercing The Most Painful Lip Piercing??

How do you eat with a Medusa piercing?

Slowly eat small bites of food placed directly onto your molars. Avoid eating spicy, salty, acidic, or hot temperature foods or beverages for a few days. Cold foods and beverages are soothing and help reduce swelling. Foods like mashed potatoes and oatmeal are hard to eat because they stick to your mouth and jewelry.

What is an angel kiss piercing?

The angel kiss piercing is a surface piercing that goes through the middle of the bottom lip and out the bottom of the lip.

Can you kiss after getting a Medusa?

Can you feel a philtrum piercing when you kiss? After you’ve healed, you probably won’t notice your medusa piercing much, even while kissing. The back might rub a bit against your gums: you’ll probably feel it a little bit, but the person you’re kissing likely won’t.

Can I kiss after Medusa piercing?

The short answer: Yes. The long answer: kissing someone who has a lip piercing (or when you have a lip piercing) shouldn’t be much different than a normal kiss. Sure you’ll have to navigate the strange sensation of a piece of jewelry in your way, but all in all, this shouldn’t provide too much of an obstacle.

Why do people get Medusa piercing?

Whether you’re heavily pierced or are just considering your first piece of body jewelry, a medusa piercing can accentuate your natural features and add a subtle touch. Or, if you prefer to make a more dramatic statement, swapping out a simple stud for something more eye-catching can completely transform the look.

Does Medusa piercing leave a scar?

Those who’ve had one generally report that the scar is minimal and usually a discreet color. That may not be the case for everyone, though. A scar from a Medusa piercing may be more severe because: Oral piercings are prone to hypertrophic scarring.

Does Medusa piercing damage teeth?

Oral piercings have the potential to result in damage to the gums or teeth, causing recesses, gingivitis, or wearing of the enamel. A person should keep their piercing clean, brush their teeth, and use mouthwash after meals.

Can a Medusa piercing reject?

Eventually, your body will push the piercing to the surface, and your skin will crack open to let it out. Piercing rejection isn’t nearly as common as some other piercing complications, like infections, keloids, and dermatitis. When rejection does happen, it’s usually in a flat area of the body.

Does Medusa Piercing make lips bigger?

Tips and Tricks. The vertical Medusa will make the top lip seem fuller.

How much does medusa cost?

Although prices vary, this piercing will cost you somewhere between US $40 and US $80. Since the piercing is located near many nerve endings, needs to be centrally located, and is extra susceptible to bacterial infection because of its location in the mouth, you won’t want to skimp on the quality of your piercer.

What is the Ashley piercing?

“An Ashley piercing is a single piercing that goes directly through the center of the bottom lip, exiting through the back of the lip,” says Kynzi Gamble, a professional piercer at Ink’d Up Tattoo Parlor in Boaz, AL. An Ashley piercing is a bit more involved, as they’re pierced according to your anatomy.

How do you kiss a girl with a lip piercing?

Gently kiss around the piercing.

Make sure to be gentle around the area that’s pierced because you could hurt them. Gently kiss the person around the piercing at first and test their level of comfort before kissing them more aggressively. New piercings are especially sensitive.

Is it hard to eat with a lip piercing?

Be careful with sticky foods (like mashed potatoes) that may irritate the piercing. Soft isn’t always safe. While eating, try not to open your mouth too wide or move your tongue excessively to avoid contact between your piercing and teeth.

Can you give oral with a vertical labret?

After you eat, you must ensure that no food residue has gotten lodged in or around the new piercing. No kissing or oral play during healing. Although this is a common tip for all oral piercings, it’s especially important for the vertical labret since it’s located directly on the lip.

How long does Medusa take to heal?

Medusa piercings usually take about 6-12 weeks to heal on average, but this isn’t a guarantee. Cleaning your body piercing regularly is a MUST during the healing process. It’s also important to keep the original jewelry in during the healing period.

What is a venom piercing?

A venom piercing is a double tongue piercing — one on each side of the tongue. Though not quite as tough-sounding, it’s sometimes called a frog eye piercing because the balls on the jewelry resemble frog eyes when you open your mouth.

What is the least painful lip piercing?

Lip piercings like the Monroe, Madonna, labret, side labret, and Medusa piercings will be the least painful. Those that appear on the lip itself, like the Ashley piercing, will be a little more painful because the lips are more sensitive than the surrounding skin.

What are spider bite piercings?

What is a spider bites lip piercing? The spider bites lip piercing consists of two piercings placed right next to each other on either side of the lower lip near the corner of the mouth. Because of their proximity to each other, they resemble a spider bite.

Why does my Medusa Piercing stink?

Sebum is secreted by the sebaceous glands in the skin. It’s an oily secretion meant to lubricate the skin and make it waterproof. Mix sebum with some dead skin cells and a little bit of bacteria, and you get some really potent smelling piercings! The discharge is semi-solid and smells like stinky cheese.