Is Jose Cuervo a good tequila?

Is Jose Cuervo a good tequila?

Jose Cuervo is the best-known and biggest-selling tequila brand in the world, with a history dating back to 1795, but its reputation is somewhat checkered. It makes some excellent tequilas that are well-regarded by aficionados, notably its high-end Reserva de la Familia lines.

Is Jose Cuervo top shelf?

If you’re even vaguely familiar with the concept of tequila, chances are you know Jose Cuervo. Per The Spirits Business, the 250-year-old brand is the world’s best-selling tequila by a pretty comfortable margin.

Is patron better than Jose Cuervo?

Gran Patron Platinum is better in terms of flavor and smoothness than Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia Platino. It is a great sip where alcohol is barely detectable, I would say that it is dangerously smooth.

Which Jose Cuervo is the best?

There are a number of tequilas being sold north of the border, but José Cuervo gold is by far the most popular, and Cuervo Tradicional is the finest.

Is silver or gold Jose Cuervo better?

Gold tequila is generally taken as shots due to its smooth taste and Silver tequila is consumed as cocktails. Gold tequila is much costlier than Silver tequila. Gold tequilas are generally preferred more than silver tequilas while making margaritas.

I feel Jose Cuervo Especial is Garbage, Here is Why

What is top shelf tequila?

What Tequila Is Considered Top Shelf? In general, Casamigos Blanco Tequila is the best in the market. Milagro Select Barrel Reserve A*ejo Tequila is the best top shelf. Sauza Silver Tequila is the best deal.

What is the top tequila?

The 14 Best Tequilas to Drink in 2022
  • Best Overall: Fuenteseca Cosecha 2018. …
  • Most Versatile: Corralejo Reposado. …
  • Best Value: Pueblo Viejo Blanco. …
  • Best Under $50: Los Arango Blanco. …
  • Best Blanco: ArteNOM Selección 1579. …
  • Best Reposado: Partida. …
  • Best Añejo: Don Julio 1942. …
  • Best Extra Añejo: Tears of Llorona.

How smooth is Jose Cuervo?

Aroma features hints of agave and a fresh, clean crisp flavor. Finish is warm and smooth. Better known as Cuervo Silver, this new Tequila is the epitome of smooth.

Is tequila a healthy alcohol?

Tequila may be a comparatively healthier option than some other types of alcohol because it contains fewer calories, zero sugar, and zero carbohydrates. However, drinking any alcohol can increase the risk of developing a number of health conditions.

How do you pick a good tequila?

Some good buying guidelines are:
  1. Avoid anything that is packaged in plastic or that costs less than $15 as these are signs of cheap tequila that’ll burn like hellfire down your throat and taste like lighter fluid.
  2. Buy only tequila that states “100% agave” on the bottle.

Is Jose Cuervo bottom shelf?

But it’s also known for the cheap stuff pounded at frat parties, accompanied by lime and salt to mask the odious flavor—as well as the hangovers that accompany it. Cuervo Especial is Cuervo’s bottom-shelf expression, and while it’s not entirely undrinkable, it’s certainly not recommended either.

How do you drink Jose Cuervo tequila?

Add cranberry juice, a splash of cranberry juice, and garnish ents: – 1 1/4 oz Jose Cuervo Clasico – 4 oz Lemon lime soda (Sprite or 7up) – Splash of cranberry juice Combine tequila and lemon-lime soda in a rocks glass with ice. Add splash of cranberry juice. Garnish with lemon or orange peel.

Is Jose Cuervo healthy?

While many associate tequila with nauseous Jose Cuervo nights and nasty hangovers, good tequila — made from 100 percent agave — actually has health benefits. Have a look at some of the reasons to drink it up — just stay away from sugary mixers and avoid impressing pals with how many shots you can down.

Is Jose Cuervo a premium tequila?

A true silver tequila, Cuervo® Silver is the epitome of smooth. The perfect tequila for the beloved Margarita. An ultra-aged tequila, 100% from blue agave, to commemorate the tradition and history of Jose Cuervo®.

How many shots of Jose Cuervo does it take to get drunk?

The average person would get mildly drunk on tequila after two shots, moderately drunk after four shots, and very drunk for anything more. Of course, this is highly subject to many different factors, such as weight, mood, age, and even alcohol tolerance.

How strong is Jose Cuervo?

10. TEQUILA IS NOT STRONGER THAN OTHER SPIRITS. Jose Cuervo produces at 38% to 40% alcohol by volume (ABV), just like most spirits. Tequila, however, has a unique flavor and is frequently consumed straight as a shot.

Is tequila stronger than vodka?

The answer to the question of whether tequila is stronger than vodka is that it depends. No one spirit is automatically stronger than another spirit in every situation. Most tequilas and vodkas will be the same strength, that is the accepted standard for the majority of spirits of 40% ABV, or 80 proof.

Is tequila better for you than beer?

Alcohol isn’t a healthy choice in general, but some alcohol is better for you than others. Red wine, whiskey, tequila, and hard kombucha are healthier options than beer and sugary drinks.

Is one shot of tequila a day good for you?

A study from the American Chemical Society suggests that tequila could have the heart-healthy ability to lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. You’d never think it, but in this case a little booze could be good for your heart!

What proof alcohol is Jose Cuervo?

(40% ABV-80 proof) • In history and today, Jose Cuervo Especial is the popular choice for crafting any Margarita: frozen or on the rocks. Jose Cuervo knows how to craft tequila.

Is Jose Cuervo good for margaritas?

For blended drinks, Jose Cuervo Classic Lime Original Margarita Mix is the best choice. It’s easy to see why people choose Jose Cuervo Margarita Mix as their favorite at-home mixer. It’s not too tart, its sweetness is perfect, and it has that oh-so-familiar Margarita flavor that anyone can enjoy.

Which tequila is best for shots gold or silver?

When it comes down to it, silver tequila is better for margaritas than gold tequila. They are aged differently, with silver tequila boasting a stronger, purer taste while being clear in color. Its simplicity makes it the perfect companion to mixed drinks, as it matches beautifully with other flavor profiles.

Which tequila doesn’t give you a hangover?

More specifically, the purest type of tequila made from 100% agave, blanco tequila, is in, because it doesn’t give you a hangover.

What are the 3 types of tequila?

Types of Tequila

Reposado – Tequila aged between 2-12 months in oak barrels. Joven – A mixture of Blanco and Reposado tequilas. Añejo – Tequilas aged between 1-3 years in oak barrels. Extra Añejo is aged 3 years or more.

What is middle shelf tequila?

Best Mid-Price: Herradura Silver Tequila

Silver (or blanco) tequilas are unaged and the most affordable of any brand’s lineup. Tequila Herradura offers a brilliant example that should be almost anywhere you look.