Is Ash Lillian Peck?

Is Ash Lillian Peck?

With Ash having the Olympus codes and Peck presumably being the only person who knew them, Horizon believed Peck being Ash wasn’t a far cry. When she “woke up” the simulacrum, however, the legend discovered it was actually Dr. Reid, the assistant who left her stranded in space.

Is Ash A Lillian?

She believed Ash was her old friend, Lillian Peck, who knew the Olympus access codes—the same access codes Hammond took from Ash’s programming. Except Ash wasn’t Lillian Peck. She was instead Horizon’s old assistant, Dr. Reid.

Was ash a human apex?

Ash is a Simulacrum Pilot, or a robot with a human’s mind. In this case that human is Dr. Ashleigh Reid, the former partner and apprentice of Horizon — who she reunites with in Apex’s new “Stories from the Outlands” video.

Why is Ash a robot apex?

Once an elite Pilot, she was severely injured, and her mind was transferred to a robot body. She was subsequently hired by Kuben Blisk and joined the Apex Predators.

How do Ash and Horizon know each other?

Ash was Horizon’s assistant, Dr.

Before the events of both Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends, Ash was known as Dr. Ashleigh Reid. She worked alongside Horizon on Project Iris, a plan put into place by Lillian Peck and Aleki Gibraltar to try and solve an impending energy crisis in the outlands.

The Full Story and Lore of Ash | Apex Legends

Is Ash Horizon’s assistant?

Ashleigh Reid, Horizon’s deceitful assistant who left her stranded on the outskirts of a black hole, is actually Ash, the simulacrum from the Titanfall franchise that first appeared in Apex during season five.

Is Ash a horizon apex?

As Nat Clayton pointed out on PC Gamer, Ash may be the debut character in season 11 of Apex Legends, Escape, but she isn’t its star — at least not its only one. Horizon is just as important for the game’s lore and ongoing story this season, because she and the Arenas overseer have some big time beef to hash out.

Who is the oldest legend in Apex?

313 years old – Revenant

One of the oldest legends participating in the Apex Games, Revenant is 313 years old according to the Pathfinder’s Quest. Revenant used to be the greatest hitman the Mercenary Syndicate ever had and spent 44 years as a human before his masters resurrected him as a simulacrum.

Does ash know she’s a simulacrum?

She is a Pilot, the strongest warrior you can find on any battlefield, and from her perspective, these lowly Legends can only be the entertainment for a Pilot. There’s a flip side to this story, though. Like Revenant, she is seemingly unaware of her existence as a Simulacrum.

Who is Lillian Peck?

Lillian Peck was a billionaire humanitarian who built Olympus in 2640, nearly a century before the events of Apex. She wanted to turn the floating city into a safe haven for people of all different socio-economic backgrounds, where they all could work and learn together.

Who is Lillian Peck apex?

Lilian Peck was a billionaire humanitarian who created the floating city of Olympus. The Peck Foundation is presumably named after her. Peck was very close to Horizon and was the godmother to her son, Newton.

What Titan does ash use?

Finally, Ash’s ultimate is directly inspired by her Ronin Titan. She can use her sword to tear a gap in reality and teleport to a location she can see.

Does Pathfinder have a child?

The fan-made short recounts the events of Pathfinder’s Quest and gives fans a little surprise. Pathfinder is a unique MRVN imprinted with a little bit of each one of his creators.

Is Ash Pathfinder’s creator?

Pathfinder and his creators were attacked by one of the scientists who was actually part of their team, Dr. Reid, who, for those unaware, is actually Ash, the infamous Apex Predator, and Arenas announcer.

Is Octane a Mexican?

Octane is Mexican, we all agree on that. So why does he speaks in a Madrilenian accent in the Spanish dub? (an accent from Madrid, Spain). Him speaking in that accent takes a lot from his personality.

Who is the shortest legend in Apex?

Wraith is a Legend who can fight across dimensions and seamlessly rip open the fabric of spacetime. She’s also notorious among those in the Apex community for her Naruto run and an impossible-to-target hitbox. She is tied with Wattson for being the shortest character in the game.

How did Reid become ash?

Reid’s dying body was recovered from the aftermath. She agreed to have her mind uploaded into a robotic shell, despite the mental trauma this would cause. As a result, Dr. Ashleigh Reid became the simulacrum known as Ash.

How did Wraith get her powers?

Wraith’s abilities are derived from Titanfall 2’s Phase Shift tactical ability. In that game, phasing could only be performed by simulacrums and titans, so Wraith is the first human character with this ability. An audio log found in-game inside the research labs reveals Wraith was a Research Science Pilot.

Why is wattson in the apex games?

8 Wattson. Reason For Joining: Her father was the lead electrical engineer for the Apex Games. She studied under him and became so good at it that she was asked to make the ring. (Yes – the same ring that you need to watch out for every single match).