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How much is a pallet of sod from Home Depot?

How much is a pallet of sod from Home Depot?

An individual pallet of sod at Home Depot costs $500. That price point is consistent for different types of sod including Bermuda, bluegrass, centipede, fescue, St. Augustine, and zoysia. It’s also worth pointing out that an individual pallet of sod from Home Depot covers 500 square feet.

How much is a roll of real sod?

Sod Cost by Size

Unit of Measure Price Range Notes
Roll $3 – $8 Covers around 10 square feet
Pallet $150 – $450 Covers about 450 square feet
Square Foot $0.35 – $0.85 Most common
Square Yard $3.15 – $7.65 Multiply square foot price by 9

Can you lay sod over existing grass?

Sod, though, can be applied directly over existing grass.” When the grass dies, it gives off nutrients that actually benefit the new sod above it. The main nutrient that the dead grass layer provides is nitrogen. Applying sod directly over grass is advantageous because it requires less work.

Is it better to plant grass seed or sod?

One of the leading reasons why sod is better than grass seed is because it provides us with an instant lawn and instant gratification. It can take all season or even several seasons to get a thick, lush lawn from grass seeds, but sod takes root in only a couple, short weeks.

Can you walk on sod after its laid?

Your new sod should root within 10-14 days of application. This is also when you should mow your new lawn for the first time after laying sod. Take care not to walk or run on new sod, as this can prevent the fragile young roots from developing properly.

How long does it take for sod lines to disappear?

The lines between new sods usually take between 4 and 6 weeks to completely disappear.

Is sod worth the money?

Sod – Simply put, sod is the most expensive option because you are essentially paying someone else for time and materials of growing the grass. And, it is dramatically more expensive than seed. If money is no problem, sod may be the winning choice for reasons you’ll see below.

How long does sod take to root?

It can take up to six weeks for the sod to develop a deep root system. As the sod develops its shallow root system and moves on to develop a deeper root system, it’s critical to increase the amount of time between waterings to encourage roots to grow deeper in search of moisture without stressing the lawn.

Will sod fill in?

You can still fill in the seams if you would like. they will disappear much faster. Even after 8 weeks of the sod being laid. That is typical.

Where is the cheapest place to buy sod?

Visit a sod farm for any large purchase. Most sod farms will sell their products directly to consumers. This is the least expensive way to buy sod, because it cuts out the garden center as middleman.

What type of grass is sold at Home Depot?

You can also buy grass seed at Home Depot. The most common types of grass seed sold are Bahia, Bermuda, Centipede, Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass, Rye, and Mixed Varieties. Please tell us about Home Depot sod prices in your area or get a free sod installation cost estimate from a local pro.

Does Home Depot sell Roundup?

Glyphosate, the primary ingredient in Monsanto’s weed killer Roundup, has been labeled a “probable carcinogen” by the World Health Organization. And yet, Home Depot and Lowe’s are still selling Roundup in thousands of stores across North America every year.

How much does a pallet of sod cost?

Cost of a Pallet Of Sod. You can expect to pay anywhere between $170 and $380 for every pallet of sod you purchase. On average though sod prices are $210.

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