How long did Saruman hold Gandalf?

How long did Saruman hold Gandalf?

The summer ‘waning’ usually happens sometime around mid-September in the English countryside, around which the books are heavily based, which means that in total Gandalf was trapped on Orthanc for upwards of two months.

How long did it take for Gandalf to become Gandalf the White?

Three days later he was found by the windlord Gwaihir, Lord of the Eagles, who had been sent by Galadriel to find him. Gandalf was carried to Caras Galadhon in Lothlórien, where he was healed, given a new staff, and clothed in white, and thus became Gandalf the White.

When did Gandalf escape from Isengard?

Gandalf was imprisoned in Orthanc on July 10th and escapes in the early hours of September 18th. Two months isn’t a lot of time to do so much damage, but Saruman did have a large army of orcs, uruks and hillmen.

How did Gandalf survive Saruman?

And given that they’re immortal, with resurrection ability, Saruman knew that it’d be futile. Gandalf would just return in a new body. Esp. as he was being faithful to the mission, unlike Saruman whom didn’t resurrect after Grima Wormtongue killed him.

How old is Saruman and Gandalf?

In the extended version of the movie, Gandalf wants to interrogate Saruman, but Gríma Wormtongue (Brad Dourif) slays him before Gandalf gets the chance. In both the Lord of the Rings movies and the books, Saruman is definitely more than 1,000 years old.

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Who is the oldest character in Lord of the Rings?

Both Tom and Treebeard were referred to as the oldest living creatures of Arda, though it is not clear which of the two is the oldest. However, according to Tolkien’s letters, it is implied that Bombadil was the oldest living being in Middle-earth.

Why did they cut Saruman’s death?

Jackson’s reasons for cutting Saruman’s demise were twofold; firstly, to pare down a film that was already testing the limits of how long a person can comfortably sit on a theater seat, and secondly because of the narrative flow.

What does Gandalf say to Pippin about death?

GANDALF: End? No, the journey doesn’t end here. Death is just another path, one that we all must take. The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass, and then you see it.

Did Saruman know Frodo had the Ring?

Gandalf withheld information on its whereabouts. At that point in time the finding of the Ring was known only to Gandalf, Frodo, Bilbo, Gollum and Sauron. None of them either had contact with Saruman or had informed him.

How long was Gandalf in Middle Earth?

Gandalf walked in Middle-earth for 2,019 years, un-aging and appearing as a grey-bearded human of about 60 years. But as a Maia, he lived at least 9000 years before Middle Earth even existed. That means his real age is close to 11,000 years.

How did Gandalf and Balrog end up on a mountain?

A great smoke of vapor and steam rose about them, and ice fell like rain. There they fought until at last Gandalf threw down his enemy, and the Balrog broke the mountain-side as it fell.

Does Gandalf know he is a Maiar?

He’s aware of the Blessed Land and those residing there. But he has never seen a Maia before, not unlike Galadriel, Elrond or even Glorfindel. He couldn’t have known Gandalf was a Maia; all he knew is that he came from Valinor as a messenger.

Why does Saruman call Gandalf Stormcrow?

Theodon thinks that Gandalf only appears when there will be trouble. Since a stormcrow is a harbinger of the “coming storm” or conflict, Theodon names him Gandalf Stormcrow.

Is Galadriel a Maiar?

Galadriel possessed a tremendous amount of magical powers, and was said to be the greatest of the Ñoldor after Fëanor. When she still lived in the Undying Lands, she had been a pupil of Yavanna and Aulë, and she later became a friend of Melian the Maia.

What did Gandalf say to the Balrog?

In Moria, when Gandalf confronts the Balrog on the bridge of Khazad-dûm, Gandalf says the following: I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. You cannot pass! The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udûn.

What does Frodo say to Sam at the end?

It must often be so, Sam, when things are in danger: someone has to give them up, lose them, so that others may keep them.” Frodo speaks these words in his final farewell to Sam in Book VI, Chapter 9—the final chapter of The Lord of the Rings.

How long was Saruman evil?

Indeed, for well over 1,500 years, Saruman remained a faithful servant among the coterie. Yet throughout this period, a darkness welled up that would ultimately come to sunder him from the rest of the White Council: namely surrounding Dol Guldur.

How did Saruman create the Uruk Hai?

There are suggestions that the Uruk-hai were the result of crossbreeding Orcs and Men. There were other creatures in Saruman’s armies, and under his command in the Shire, that appear to have been hybrids. “Half-orcs” were as tall as Men and are never described simply as Orcs, as the Uruk-hai frequently are.

Was the Shire ever attacked?

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The Scouring of the Shire was an event that took place in the Shire at the end of the War of the Ring, and was the only time the Shire was attacked during the Great Years.

Who is older Gandalf or Legolas?

Gandalf has a younger form in Middle-Earth who is appeared to be about 60 but in reality he is 2019 making him older than Middle-Earth. Legolas was not born in TA 87, that date was made up for a reference book to the films. His actual date of birth is unknown.

Is Treebeard older than Gandalf?

I was re-reading the Two Towers and Gandalf said this about Treebeard: ” Treebeard is Fangorn, the guardian of the forest; he is the oldest of the Ents, the oldest living thing that still walks beneath the Sun upon this Middle-Earth”.

What if Tom Bombadil took the Ring?

From that same discussion it mentions Bombadil having withdrawn himself into “a little land, within bounds he has set”, and that “if he were given the Ring, he would soon forget it or most likely throw it away.” He would not have left his “world”, so would have been no use in destroying it, and would not have used the …