Can you patch a TPO roof with EPDM?

Can you patch a TPO roof with EPDM?

Yes. Recovering with TPO is a great option for a building with an aging EPDM roofing system. It’s easy. It’s far less costly and disruptive than a full tear-off.

Can you patch TPO roofing?

Because TPOs are heat weldable, you can make a patch if there is a simple puncture. But in order to make this patch, you’ll need electricity, a hot-air welding tool, and patching material – tools that professional roofing contractors will have on hand, but an average building owner probably won’t.

What can I use to seal a TPO roof?

Silicone and acrylic coating systems are both great choices for restoring and extending the life of a TPO roofing system.

Can I use EPDM primer on TPO?

12/8/17 Primer Update: A basic rule of thumb is the base membrane you are adhering to dictates which primer to use. So if adhering to TPO, then use TPO Primer. If adhering to EPDM, use EPDM Tape Primer. Low VOC Primer works with both EPDM and TPO.

Is TPO and EPDM the same?

Believe it or not, TPO is actually in a broad family of rubber roofing materials. TPO is a blend of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubber. EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. It is a synthetic rubber derived from oil and natural gas (ethylene propylene).

How to EPDM Rubber roof repair – patch

Which is better EPDM or TPO?

TPO has better dimensional stability than EPDM. EPDM is more likely to shrink which can cause a variety of problems on your roof.

What is TPO primer?

A solvent-based product designed for one-step cleaning and priming of TPO surfaces to be bonded with In-Seam Tapes, Uncured Flashing Tapes, Cured Cover Tapes, and Pre-Taped membranes.

Does Sikaflex stick to TPO?

Sikaflex-715 is suitable for sealing a wide variety of RV roofing components including, EPDM, TPO; metals such as anodized and bare aluminum; phosphated, chromated and zinc plated steel; metal primers; 2-part coatings; ceramics and plastics.

Can you use elastomeric on TPO?

Elastomeric coating systems are ideal for restoring and renewing aged and failing TPO roofs. These roof coating systems allow you to avoid a costly and timely roof tear off, while achieving a highly reflective, watertight, energy efficient roof.

How do you extend the life of a TPO roof?

Installing Roof Coatings Over TPO

Coatings like asphalt emulsion and acrylic are effective solutions that will extend the life of TPO roof systems. They’re cost-effective and easy to install, which is particularly advantageous when a new roof is an unexpected expense.

What is better TPO or PVC?

While PVC offers better resistance to puncture and weathering, TPO (like PVC) is recyclable and environmentally friendly. Its reflective surface reduces UV radiation and helps with energy efficiency.

Can you patch a RV roof?

Patching a hole or tear

If you find a small puncture or tear on your RV roof, it will need to be fixed with a patch. Luckily, manufacturers have made patches and RV roof tapes that are easy to apply and are a durable fix.

Can I use Flex Seal on my RV roof?

Yes, you can safely use Flex Seal on your RV roof. Flex Seal Sealer, allows to stop liquid or gas leaks in roofs, drains, skylights, ventilation systems, ducts, trailers, among others. It can be used on wet or dry surfaces. It is made with black liquid rubber that helps cover fissures, cracks and holes from any angle.

How do you prime a TPO?

To apply TPO primer, make sure the existing TPO roofing is cleaned of all debris, greases and staining. Washing is recommended. The TPO Primer can then either be brushed or rolled on, or sprayed on for larger areas.

What is TPO glue?

Bonding Adhesive. Carlisle’s Sure-Weld TPO Bonding Adhesive is a high-strength solvent- based contact adhesive that allows bonding of TPO membrane to various. porous and non-porous substrates. Solvent-based bonding adhesive that allows for quick drying.

What type of roof does forest river use?

EPDM is one of the most versatile and long lasting materials ever manufactured for outdoor exposure. Most RV Industry experts consider EPDM rubber roofing membrane the most dependable, most cost effective and easiest to maintain roofing material there is.

How many years does a TPO roof last?

It comes in a variety of thickness ranging from 45 mil to 80+ mil which can fit within a wide variety of budgets. 80-mil TPO roofs come with up to a 25-year warranty and with the appropriate maintenance, it is not uncommon for a TPO roofing system to last as long as 30 years.

Is EPDM cheaper than TPO?

The main advantage of TPO is that it is typically the lowest material cost for single ply membrane roofs, costing less than EPDM and other types of rolled rubber roofing.