Can you fail Panam romance?

Can you fail Panam romance?

However don’t give up: she is into you if you have followed the previous steps. You can fail “Riders on the storm” if you don’t meet up with Panam within 24 in-game hours. All the rest of the side jobs just won’t happen.

Can you not romance Panam as a female?

Cyberpunk 2077 decided to neatly box up four romance choices into Male V gay/straight options and Female V gay/straight options. Male Vs can only romance Panam or Kerry, and will be rejected by Judy or River. Female Vs can only romance Judy or River, and be rejected by Panam or Kerry.

Can you romance Panam more than once?

You can only enter into one relationship at a time – though, you’ll only have one or two options available to your V depending on your body type. No, you cannot romance Johnny Silverhand. (Unless, of course, you have certain mods…)

How do you get Panam romance ending?

Once you meet Panam, you must let her and her family help you with your mission. After you accepted their offer, you must complete each task involving Panam until you reach the Queen Of The Highway quest. Once you pick the option, you’ll have a romantic epilogue with Panam and the rest of the Aldecaldos.

Can you only sleep with Panam once?

Yes, you can romance and sleep with Panam Palmer in Cyberpunk 2077. However, know that you can only romance and sleep with Panam Palmer in Cyberpunk 2077 if you selected the male body type in the character creation suite.

Cyberpunk 2077 – How to Fail the Panam Romance – V gets Friendzoned AGAIN by Panam

Why did Pan Am reject me?

Just keep in mind that Panam Palmer can only be romanced if you are a male. She will just reject you if you hit on her if you are female. So it is the complete opposite of Judy Alvarez and the opposite of River Ward as well.

Can you cheat on your partner in cyberpunk?

It’ll never be brought up as “cheating” or any other kind of consequence at any point in the game.

What is the good ending with Panam?

For the best ending, choose the Panam option and swallow the pill that suppresses Johnny. Then Panam and the nomads of the Aldecaldos crew will invade the Arasaka Tower together with you, where you will ultimately meet Mikoshi, the prison of the soul with whose help you can free yourself from Johnny.

Should I call Panam or Hanako?

For instance, if you select “Gonna ask Panam for help,” you’re presented with “Call Panam” or “Call Hanako.” Choose Panam to proceed with the ending branch where she helps you out since calling Hanako leads to the default ending path. All of Cyberpunk 2077’s finales play out differently.

Does v survive in any ending?

Players can only alter whether V dies alone or with friends, whether or not they part on good terms with Johnny, and which of V’s allies also die in the game’s final mission. However, in some of the endings, V does have a few months left to live.

Can you date river and Judy?

Male V can romance both Panam and Kerry, while female V can romance both River and Judy.

Can you sleep with Panam as a girl?

Yes, you can romance and sleep with Panam Palmer in Cyberpunk 2077.

Can you get married in cyberpunk?

If you go down the corridor nearby V’s Apartment, there is a woman there named Xiao LiuYing that just got there with her luggage. However, she is then attacked by a nearby person, and when you save her, she thanks you and then will go into your apartment to become your wife.

Can you romance river as a male?

Whether you play as a male or as a female, romance options are available for both genders. River Ward is a NPC in Cyberpunk 2077 that can be romanced by the main character V and only if V is a woman. Otherwise it just won’t work.

What happens if you try to romance Judy as a male?

Romancing Judy as male V “not cut content” says CDPR

Surprisingly, romancing Judy doesn’t cause the game to act up so much. Judy’s voice lines as well as male V’s voice lines are complete for the whole quest involving their romance. This means that these lines, although not used in the end, were still recorded.

Can male v romance Judy?

If you’ve been playing Cyberpunk 2077 as male V and looking for love, you might’ve been disappointed to learn that you cannot romance Judy. She’s explicitly written as gay, and only open to romance when you’re playing as a woman.

Should I accept Hanako’s offer?

Hanako’s Deal

If you accept Hanako’s agreement, you’ll get a corporate-focused ending in which you help her combat her brother, Yorinobu, for control of Arasaka. The plan is for V to testify about Yorinobu to the Arasaka board. Note that if you take on this ending, you’re basically turning your back on Johnny.

Should you tell Panam about Johnny?

Upon waking up, you can choose to tell Panam about the biochip and Johnny Silverhand. Filling her in makes her an ally for the rest of the main story, so it’s wise to keep her in the loop. After talking to her and following her out of camp, you can choose to end the conversation with a kiss or with a plain response.

Do I give my body to Johnny or not?

If you let Johnny take your body, he’ll return to Earth and you’ll be able to explore a few last mini-quests with him as V. He will too eventually leave Night City in search of his own fresh start though. It’s another good option for those looking for some resolution.

Can you finish cyberpunk with Panam?

For this Cyberpunk 2077 finale to become available, you’ll need to finish Panam Palmer’s sidequests: “Riders on the Storm,” “With a Little Help from my Friends,” and “Queen of the Highway.” Having her as your romantic partner isn’t necessary. Then, on the rooftop, choose to “call Panam.”

Does V end up with Panam?

After connecting to Mikoshi, Johnny and V are separated, and the game plays out as it does in the Panam ending. V’s body has been altered, and it won’t accept their mind anymore.

Does v survive with Panam?

After a series of missions where they raid Arasaka tower, V eventually connects into cyberspace and learns that they only have 6 months to live. If V decides to return to their body, they eventually leave Night City with Panam and the rest of the Aldecaldos.

Does romancing rogue affect Panam?

Rogue is one of the many romance options available during Cyberpunk 2077, and can even be romanced in tandem with other Cyberpunk characters like Judy or Panam without consequence.

What happens if you don’t help Panam?

Here you need to make a decision: accompany Panam to Nash’s camp, or convince her to let it go and return to the Aldecaldos camp. If you refuse, there are no long-lasting consequences, but you will head straight to the motel and the quest will end.

What can you do with Judy after you romance her?

After you meet Judy in The Information, she’ll accompany you for four more Main Jobs across Cyberpunk 2077. Those jobs are called Automatic Love, The Space In Between, Disasterpiece, and Double Life. For the most part, you can speak to Judy in any manner during these jobs.