Can Tobirama beat Kisame?

Can Tobirama beat Kisame?

Kisame could do most everything Tobirama could do in regards to Suiton jutsu, just to a lesser degree. And it wouldn’t be much of a fair fight if the two weren’t at their very best, meaning Kisame would have Samehada and would be as strong as he was when he started the fight with Killer Bee.

Is Kisame a better water user than Tobirama?

What makes Tobirama the best water style user is the fact that he doesn’t need a water source for his jutsus, while Kisame needed to create a water source on his own with another jutsu to be able to use them (other water style jutsus like shark bomb) on dry land. This was seen against Guy and Bee.

Who can defeat Tobirama?


Hiruzen surpassed his teacher in all aspects and rightly earned the epithet of “God of Shinobi.” A huge testament to Hiruzen’s skill is the fact that even in his old age, he was able to beat Hashirama, Tobirama, and Orochimaru.

Is Tobirama stronger than hiruzen?

Therefor Tobirama is stronger than Old Man Hiruzen even with both as Edo’s, so what’s the point? QuakingStar wrote: His statements about strength were completely retconned, as Madara and Hashirama later made it clear Edo’s are nowhere near their living strength through statements of their own. 2 beats 1.

Can Tobirama beat Sasuke?

There is two ways Tobirama wins however: If you’re referring to their confrontation when he was an edo. Then tobirama wins. Sasuke doesnt have any fuinjutsu to seal him which is crucial since he doesn’t have the rinnegan to seal his soul or make him the center of a massive chibaku tensei.

Tobirama vs Kisame

Who is faster Minato or Tobirama?

We know minato for being the fastest, his incredible chakra control, creating the rasengan, being a genius, and we’ve seen what he did to the 9 tails and obito which are incredible feats but Tobirama is said to have invented most justsu’s and is able to manipulate all elements according to the databook which hences …

Can Tobirama beat EMS Madara?

YES, Right before obtaining Sharingan, Tobirama could defeat Madara.

Can Tobirama beat Orochimaru?

As much as we all love them both, it’s a hard questions. As Tobirama is the second Hokage and Orochimaru won’t die no matter what, it’s a hard question. To be honest, I think Tobirama would probably win, but if Orochimaru had all his power plus the snake of his on his side, then it could be a tie.

Can Tobirama beat Nagato?

Nagato practically crapped on everybody in a fight while Tobirama faced stronger threats but aside from a few teleports and strategies he was completely useless.

Can Tobirama do wood style?

Wood style is exclusive to Hashirama; none of his relatives can use it. The only people that can use Wood Style besides Hashirama are people who’ve had his DNA implanted in their bodies.

Can Minato beat Hashirama?

minato is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar way of the level of alive Madara. Hashirama would only be able to beat Minato so well, because of his familiarity with FTG and Bijuu’s/ Bijuu chakra. Minato isn’t a powerhouse or a long battle fighter and his best tech Hashirama’s brother created, so it’s really just a bad match-up here.

Can Minato beat Hiruzen?

So if his prime is like 39 years back, three more decades. Prime Hiruzen would squash Orochimaru, and I dare say that thinking along those lines, Hiruzen would beat Minato, likely with high difficulty, just to be fair. Minato is smart after all.

Who can defeat Hashirama?

The Rinnegan granted him the ability to move through dimensions and the ability to switch places with an object in an instant. There is no doubt that Sasuke can take down Hashirama as he was easily able to overwhelm Six Paths Madara.

Who is the strongest water style user?

The Second Hokage Tobirama Senju is the strongest water user in the Naruto franchise because he can perform powerful Water Release jutsus without a single drop of water nearby. This and his ability to use space-time ninjutsu and the Reanimation kinjutsu, makes him the best.

What is the strongest water jutsu?

1) A Thousand Feeding Sharks

A Thousand Feeding Sharks is Kisame Hoshigaki’s strongest Water release technique, which is a much more advanced version of Five Feeding Sharks in Naruto.

Who is the strongest wood style user in Naruto?

Six Strongest Wood Element Users in Naruto and Boruto’s World!
  • Zetsu. Madara creates Zetsu from Gedo Mazo’s part. …
  • Moegi Kazamatsuri. This kunoichi (female ninja) turns out can use wood release naturally! …
  • Yamato. …
  • Madara Uchiha. …
  • Ashura Otsutsuki. …
  • Hashirama Senju.

Is obito stronger than Tobirama?

Being a Senju, Tobirama was magnificent when it came to combat. He was powerful enough to fight both Kinkaku and Ginkaku at once, which is certainly a testament to his abilities. However, Tobirama was definitely weaker than his brother, who openly admitted to being inferior to Obito Uchiha.

How strong is Tobirama?

Tobirama was renowned as one of the most powerful shinobi in history, earning praise from even his rivals. He was able to kill Izuna Uchiha — Madara Uchiha’s brother and equal in both skills and power. Danzō Shimura stated that Tobirama’s prowess was unmatched during his time as Hokage.

Who is more powerful Tobirama or Pain?

Originally Answered: Who would win in a fight between Tobirama and the Six Paths of Pain? For me, pain is clarly most stronger and dangerous than tobirama in term of attack and destructive power.

Can Hiruzen beat Pain?

Hiruzen Sarutobi has many advantages over Pain. His jutsu is far more versatile, mastering many techniques that baffled even Orochimaru. Moreover, the shadow clones he produced were astonishingly competent, keeping up with Hashirama and Tobirama during his fight against the fallen Sannin.

Is jiraiya related to Tobirama?

Even though the two characters look a lot alike and share some unique features, other fans of the show say them being related doesn’t make sense. For some, it’s the fact that Jiraiya’s parents are never talked about that’s enough proof that he and Tobirama aren’t related.

Can Sakura beat Hashirama?

Sakura can also access the Yin and Yang Release that helped the First Hokage become so powerful, and her Strength of a Hundred Seal would help Sakura go toe to toe with Hashirama in Sage Mode. In the end, Sakura would, if only barely, edge out the First Hokage.

Could the Second Hokage beat Madara?

9 CAN’T BEAT MADARA: Tobirama Senju

Tobirama Senju was the second Hokage of Konohagakure, taking up the role of the leader following the death of Hashirama Senju. Tobirama was an incredibly powerful shinobi of his time.

Can Madara beat Kaguya?

7 Can’t Defeat: Madara Uchiha

Unfortunately for him, he still wasn’t a match for Kaguya. According to Naruto and Sasuke, Kaguya’s powers were significantly greater than that of Madara, which all but proves that Madara was weaker than her.

What if Itachi had rinnegan?

So in this scenario, Itachi would lose one Mangekyo, as he would have to replace it with a Rinnegan. Well, in theory, of course, Itachi could try to activate the Mangekyo on top of the Rinnegan, as Sasuke does, then his eyes would look something like Sasuke’s with only three tamoe.